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Record Ownership and Sharing in Volunteer Village

All records within Volunteer Village have a designated owner. Only the owner of a record has the ability to submit for approval and share records. All Program, Project, Trips, and Trip Tasks that were pre-loaded into Volunteer Village upon system launch should be owned by the project lead that EWB-USA HQ had on file on August 2, 2016. If this is not the current project lead, or the owner needs to be changed, either the current owner can switch all record ownership over to the new project lead (see directions below). Or, submit a request in the "Support" tab of Volunteer Village to request that the record owners are switched to the new project lead. 

New records will be automatically owned by the user who created the record.

1. Scroll down to "System Information"
2. Click "change" next to the Owner's name

3. Change drop-down to "Customer Portal User"
4. Type in the person's name and click on the magnifying glass to select the new owner. 
5. Check "Send Notification Email" to notify the new owner and click Save.

In Volunteer Village, Program, Community Partnership, Project, Technical Plans & Reports, Trip, and Trip Task Records are automatically visible to all users (including those from other chapters). If a user does not have the Programs Tab in their view, they do not have access to PAWS; they must request access to PAWS prior to following these steps, click here to learn how to request access to PAWS. In order to gain edit access, the records must be shared by the Owner of the record. PAWS automatically allows anyone from the Chapter to edit the record, but only the Owner can Share or Submit for Approval.

If a chapter user does not have access to edit a record, the Owner of that record can follow the following simple steps to share that record. Please keep in mind that they must share each record individually, so if there are multiple associated records, such as Technical Plan & Report, Trip, and Trip Tasks, each of these items must be shared separately. 

The record Owner should:

1. Click the "Sharing" button on the top of the record

2. Click "Add"

3. Search "Customer Portal Users" and search by keyword in the search field.
Note that you can share to an individual user using their name, or with an entire chapter by using the chapter's name.

4. Select the entity that you would like to share with and click "Add". If you want to add more than one individual, search again and click "Add" again for each entity.* 
5. Change the access level to "Read/Write".

If you do not see someone using the search field most likely they do not have a Volunteer Village account. The individual you do select must already have access to PAWS to view those shared records. 

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