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PMEL Lead Requirements

This article is intended to guide chapters in their search for a qualified Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (PMEL) Lead for their program. Potential PMEL Leads may also find this document useful to self-assess their suitability for a program. PMEL Leads are required for both professional and university chapters.

EWB-USA PMEL Leads are chapter members who contribute to the work of the project team by developing tools to effectively plan, monitor and learn from their project work to facilitate long-term success in our partner communities. As outlined below, the roles and responsibilities of the PMEL Lead are not related to the technical scope of the project. As such, this position provides chapters with an excellent opportunity to recruit non-engineers to their membership to provide a more holistic approach to meeting their partner community’s goals.

When selecting a PMEL Lead, the chapter should seek out members who have the following attributes:
  • Understanding of the fundamentals of the EWB-USA model of community-driven development;
  • Understanding of the EWB-USA PMEL Program such that they can guide, as necessary, the chapter through the requirements of that program;
  • Ability to communicate effectively to both team members and the community about the ways to measure the impact of the program work;
  • Capacity to communicate across language and cultural barriers;
  • Sensitivity and respect for local culture and history;
  • Ability to work well with diverse groups and facilitate community-led meetings;
  • Ability to critically analyze all relevant changes in the community by evaluating the intended and unintended consequences of the project work in the community context;
  • Openness to learning about sustainable practices from a local paradigm;
  • Ability and willingness to experience the living conditions in the host community;
  • Long-term commitment to the project and to the community to provide the foundation for the program to continue within this community year after year.

PMEL Lead Qualifications
The selected PMEL Lead must have the following qualifications:
1. Be a current student or professional member of EWB-USA and part of an EWB-USA chapter;
2. Have participated in the EWB-USA PMEL Program webinar training;
3. Be planning to travel with the team for assessment, implementation and monitoring and evaluation trips.
Note: If the PMEL Lead cannot travel, the representative on the trip who will be coordinating PMEL activities must have participated in the EWB-USA PMEL Program webinar training. 

Additional training might be required as resources are developed within the EWB-USA PMEL Program. PMEL leads are also encouraged to read the additional documents related to impact assessments that are included at the end of the EWB-USA PMEL Program Description.

PMEL Lead Responsibilities
The selected PMEL lead will be responsible for:
1. working with the Project Lead and the EWB-USA HQ Project Engineer to interpret and appropriately implement the PMEL Program,
2. participating in project reviews conducted by the EWB-USA HQ International Community Programs staff and the International Community Programs Reviewers,
3. authoring or co-authoring the Program Plan & Baseline Study and Program Impact Monitoring online forms,
4. completing the Community Partnership - Logical Framework for the program and each project type,
5. using the online form for Project Monitoring Indicators to measure the progress of the team’s work,
6. researching appropriate community engagement methods and communicating these to the project team during project planning,
7. presenting and discussing the PMEL Program documents, including all community meetings that are expected to be held and relevant monitoring data that are expected to be collected during the trip, with the project team members prior to departure, and
8. remaining open to and accessible for feedback from the community, local partners and chapter team members regarding the assessment of the program’s impact in the community.

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