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Filling out the Trip Budget Worksheet (508)

The Project Grants Program application requires a completed Trip Budget Worksheet (Form 508). Applications with discrepancies in the information presented in the trip budget worksheet versus the application will not be considered for funding. This grant program is need-based, and discrepancies leave reviewers unable to determine your project's true financial need.
Instructions for Completing the Budget
1. Explain line items in detail (i.e., Airfare, $200 @ 5 people = $1,000).
2. Complete the budget template for one trip. (This should be the upcoming trip for which the application is requesting funding.) The trip must occur during the grant cycle's stated 18-month time frame.
See Appendix A of the Chapter Finance Policies for what items are considered “project materials.”
What is the difference between a project fund and chapter general fund?
Every EWB-USA chapter has a fund managed by EWB-USA HQ. The funds in this account are to be used for chapter-related activities.
Every EWB-USA project has a fund managed by EWB-USA HQ. The money in the project fund is restricted, to be used only for that project.
EWB-USA chapters choose to store their funds in different ways. Some chapters fundraise as a chapter, storing the majority of funds in the chapter general fund and allocating money out as-needed. Other chapters fundraise specifically by project, focusing on stewarding funds into specific, restricted funds.
The Trip Budget Worksheet ask for the balance of each of these funds because EWB-USA’s project grants are need-based. A project’s true need cannot be determined without knowledge of funds raised to date. To enable your grant reviewers to accurately confirm your calculated need, describe in question 9a in the application how you plan to allocate the funds in your chapter general fund.

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